The Book of Westmere

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Westmere Academy is the perfect school. Students with impeccable pedigrees, time honored school traditions, distinguished graduates….all that one would expect from an elite institution. Yet, despite the academy’s reputation, all is not well. Strange happenings have been disturbing the tranquility of Westmere. An ancient evil is haunting the school’s hallowed halls.

Into this dark atmosphere steps Sarah Breen, a fourth-year transfer student and an unwelcome outsider at Westmere. Persecuted by her fellow students and attacked by the evil powers descending on Westmere, Sarah faces danger from all sides. An old library and a mysterious book seem to offer the key to the mystery. But who or what is behind it all? Will Sarah be strong enough to overcome the stigma as the “The School Witch” and solve the mystery before it’s too late?

This is the debut Young Adult Novel by Author Kerry Marie Sloan.

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Sunday, 20 March 2016
I went into this a skeptic. I'm not much for fantasy and initially this book was somewhat "Harry Potter" like to me. (I'm probably the only English teacher who is not in love with the Harry Potter Series). But what I loved about this book is how the mystery sucks you in. It starts off slow but quickly engages the reader who wants to know more about Sarah ( the heroine) and Arthur--who have an unlikely, but very likable friendship. The ending leaves you wanting to know more about the characters. It's a quick read for those pressed for time. I did not read any other reviews before reading the book. After reading them, it appears that their will indeed be a series? If so, I'll continue reading! - Amazon Customer
Wednesday, 10 February 2016
I enjoy reading books written for different audiences because I don't consider myself able to be classified into one audience, and I'm glad I gave this Y-A novel a go. Not only did I find a nicely paced plot, this book featured a female hero! Yes! And saying that, it did not feel like book geared toward girls. This is a great message in today's world where we look for equality but build sexism into our media. This book has enough action, shows enough feelings and relationship dynamic, as well as creates mystery and intrigue to appeal to all variety of reader. It's not too wordy yet probably would send some readers to the dictionary. One other thing I liked was the depictions of supernatural events and evil forces were not so minutely detailed that it dragged down the timing of the story, nor would it overly frighten a sensitive reader. Instead the author left room for the imagination, which usually finds the perfect level of thrill. Well done, Ms Sloan! Let's see what these young heroes get into next! -Gracie L.
Thursday, 21 January 2016
This is a fast-paced and suspenseful fantasy/adventure tale. The main character, Sarah, in her fourth year of school, is realistic yet with enough mystery surrounding her to keep me guessing about her true identity. The plot moves quickly, not only through the highlights of a school's first semester but also through the strange and inexplicable threats that confront Sarah as she endures the bullying of her classmates and her own questions about her family background. This is a book that will appeal to both young adults and adults. After finishing it, I wanted to know more about Sarah, Daniel and their next adventure--looking forward to the next in the Guardian series. -Lind J.
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